Little by Little

We begin again.

This blog is about my journey as I learn to sew.

I feel that sewing is in that place that knitting was, before it became popular. Knitting books used to be very difficult to understand, and knitters used to be a bit snobbish about their art. Nowadays, it is very easy to learn to knit, from a book, a youtube video, an online class, or another person.

You can also knit with a pattern, a chart, your intuition, or anything else.

Sewing, for me, isn’t like that. I find there are a lot of implicit understandings regarding how to sew that I simply do not know or understand. Sewers might have been on the same page before because in the olden days, grandmothers and mothers would sew, and teach their daughters. Schools would include lessons on sewing, knitting and crochet for young female students. Those days, however, are in the past.

Society has changed, we have changed. Why haven’t the patterns changed?

I’m trying to bridge the gap as best as I know how, and will try to help anyone else that finds this blog. I’ll try to put up a youtube video if I can figure out how to sew and film at the same time. Don’t be too excited. They will probably be long and more than a little boring, to anyone except those most eager to learn. I’m not fond of time lapses and move it along screens. I like to see how something is done, start to finish, minute by minute.

If you are a complete and total sewing beginner, you might find this blog useful. What I don’t know, what you don’t understand, leave a comment, and I will try to find out.

Let’s take this trip together, step by step. It will be slow, but we will move forward nonetheless. Little by little, we improve, we get better. Little by little.


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