Shout Out: Joann Fabrics

One of the biggest problems I had was learning how to use my sewing machine. I signed up for the “Learn to Sew” class at Joann Fabrics for $35. It came with free supplies and excellent instruction for three hours. At the end of that time, I could wind a bobbin, thread my machine, change feet, go faster and slower, change stitch type, change stitch length, pivot, sew a straight line, thread my needle with the auto threader, sew forward and backwards, and just do all the things people think are “basic”.

I found this class indispensable and worth the money.

I hope you try one of the classes also if you are just starting out. What a difference it makes! (Note: this is NOT a sponsored post; I get NO money or discounts or gifts or anything from Joann Fabrics for this shout out.)(Note2: Umm.. Joann? I feel like I’m going to be spending a LOT of money at your store. Feel free to sponsor this blog, okay? ;))

My local Joann also has classes in “comfy pants”, a “dress wrap”, and a “shawl collar jacket”. I intend to take all of them and will update you about how they are when I’m done.



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