A Shout Out to My Pins


Initially, I had pins from my first Joann sewing class (I think they were Dritz?).

Then I bought a bunch of pins from the Internet (cheap Chinese tat that I thought was good).

Finally I invested in high quality French pins, and they were sharp, they were 2 in long and had glass heads that I could iron over, and they were AMAZING.

If you’re looking for pins, buy these. You won’t regret it, and they will last a lifetime.

I’m going to point out, I’m linking to Amazon because that is where I bought the pins from, but it is not an affiliate link, and I make no money whether you buy the pins or not.





2 thoughts on “A Shout Out to My Pins

  1. It seems that quality pins (and other items) have disappeared from our shops. It’s that nasty cheap stuff wherever you look! Even in better stores. 😦 I snagged quite a lot of fabric with those pins – I now always keep a piece of test satin and stab that first before I transfer the pin from its packaging onto my pin cushion. Half of them go straight to the bin. And this is not an exaggeration! Those cheap pins turn out quite expensive in the end, and I would much rather pay a bit more for pins that don’t need to be tested before use. :-s


  2. You’re absolutely right, and it’s such a shame, because they are essential to proper sewing and quilting. I’m glad I had such good teachers that taught me how to shop for quality pins and game me the names of a few brands to look out for. I had to post about the pins I found that worked the best because I didn’t want anyone else to make the same mistakes I made.


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