Couture Seams

1. Plain Seam

Pin fabric right sides together.

Sew 5/8 in straight seam.

Open seam (do not press yet) and sew 1/4 in straight seam on one side of the seam, and then again on the other side.

Press seam open.

Pink the edges.

Done and done.

2. Seam for delicate fabrics

5/8 in seam

stitch length 2.2

straight stitch

use size 11 needle in machine

then zig zag st length 1.4, st width 1.9

line up against the line of straight st you just did and do the zig zag st.

trim the fabric on the other side of the zig zag

press the fabric to the wrong side.

done and done.

3. french seams

put fabric wrong side together

you are st on the right side of your fabric

5/8 in seam allowance.

first sew 1/4 in straight seam.

size 90/14 needle in machine

st length 2.2

narrow seam to start with on the right side of your work.

then press the seam open.

fold the fabric so the wrong side is out.

at the folded edge, press again. the seam is right on the edge.

now sew the seam again, 3/8 in, straight st. this will enclose the previous seam.

press the seam to the back.

done and done.

4. Clean finished seam


right side down.

turn seam 1/4 in and stitch down with straight st. do with both sides.

then pin the right sides together.

sew a 3/8 in straight st seam.

press open.

done and done.