Kromski Harp Forte Loom Money Pit

Contacted TheSpinnery on Etsy. There is a 25% restocking fee on looms. Plus I have to pay return shipping on the loom box and the stand box.

TheSpinnery said they would waive that if Kromski took the loom back for being defective. Obviously, Kromski did not oblige, they said it was user error.

loom problems (my loom)

Can you see the space between the handle and the loom above? Stupid Kromski said I didn’t push it in enough. But you know what???? That is not possible, as the screw (as you see above!!) goes into the back piece in a PREDRILLED HOLE. All that is to be done is to align it using the “toothpick method” the Kromski woman discussed in the assembly instructions on Kromski’s own website.


Stupid Kromski said there is no predrilled hole, so I am mistaken.


They need to watch their own damn videos.

I hate this company, and am beginning to hate this loom. This is IMHO a company that does NOT stand behind its product.

TheSpinnery has been great, but the 25% restocking fee is A LOT IMHO. I understand that both me and her are SOL if Kromski refuses to take back their crappy loom.



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