Scrundlewear Alterations

Why did I have to improvise a pattern piece when Scrundlewear is so awesome?

Well, Scrundlewear won’t fit someone curvy. I have measurements for someone with a size L waist but size 2X hips. So what to do? Also this person wanted full butt coverage and a belly button height waist.

Well, I’ll tell you what I did, because it was a huge success. Probably because 1) the pattern itself is awesome; and 2) because I’m super awesome too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I used the pattern piece for the boyshort 2X, the leg band for boyshort 2X, BUT the waist band for boyshort L. That meant a LOT of easing and a million pins. There are tucks, yes there are, but it still is so comfy and looks so good.

ALSO, you know how the pattern has a higher waist for those who want a foldover waistband? I used that so the panty hits just below the belly button (and I mean a scant 1/4 inch below!)

I also wanted full coverage of the bum area. So I used the pattern style for the boyshort, BUT! – BUT!! – I redrew the lower butt cheek and extended it out another 1.5 inches.

I did NOT interfere with the liner at all (in the redrawing, I started above the liner notch), because I did not wish to bother with redrawing it or the front piece. You’ll understand better when you can see pictures.

I’ll post pictures of my new pattern when I have them in front of me so you can see how I amended the Scrundlewear pattern.

I had to post this right away because I’m so excited! I altered a pattern and it worked!! 🙂 Yay, me!


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