Jersey Skirt Ideas

Aventura Larsen Reversible Skirt
six panels
three or four inch waistband
elastic band at waist
seams on outside
one inch hem
black thread on white to dark  grey gradient fabric
it looks like there is only one waistband, and the two fabrics are joined at the bottom of the waistband for the reversible effect
25 in skirt length



Aventura Cadence Skirt
Four panels
wide elastic waistband (3 inches?)
Panels arranged in a chevron pattern, point at front and back
26 in skirt length

Aventura Piper Skirt
This looks like the Ina Skirt, but shorter. The design looks like the godets, but arranged front to back rather than side to side.
Waistband 2 in
Skirt length 20 in
The godet is like a half circle, circle part face up.
The part below the waistband is like an umbrella.

Prana Daphne Skirt
waistband 3 in
6 panels
triangular godets
skirt length 24 in
looks like no elastic at waist
seaming is on the outside as a fashion statement


Ex Officio Wanderlux Skirt
This is like the Ina Skirt but with a triangular godet. The apex of the triangle is on the left thigh.
There is a cute zip pocket at the right hip.
The waist looks like 3 in. and has an elastic.
Skirt length is 29 in.



Aventura Maeva Dress
Looks a lot like the French Terry dress on the patterns page.
Skirt is in two pieces, in a chevron pattern.
Looks better with a pattern fabric than one color.
dress length 38 in






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