Kwik Sew T-Shirt

I don’t have a pattern number. This is the t-shirt from “Easy Sewing the Kwik Sew Way”. Pattern pieces 1, 2, 3, and 4. Front, back. sleeves and neckline band. Neckline B. Crew Neck. Short Sleeve.

I’m making this for KSD as a first effort and using the black rayon that I have in my stash. It is supposed to match the black Ina Skirt from earlier this month.

Because I want to learn something, and make more than a generic store bought t-shirt imitation, I am making the size L with a graded increase from waist to hip of 4 inches. I am also adding a 2 in swayback adjustment, and a 1 in full bust adjustment.

I’ve never done this before, we’ll see how it goes. Will update with pictures of the pattern and shirt once I’m done.

Here are the million links I went through to figure out what I’m doing. Kinda sorta maybe.



Full Bust Adjustment:

Full Butt Adjustment:

FREE TSHIRT pattern if you sign up for the newsletter:

Neckline from Book:




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