Cute Fabric

Where to buy cute fabric: Japanese fabric – Kokka, Shinzi Katoh, Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller
priced by half meter Trans Pacific Textiles, Kokka, others..
sold by the yard, cheaper than Amazon, etsy, ebay and modes4u

Anime - ML297074 - Blue

Waterproof PUL Fabric Print 56" Wide (Made in USA, Sold By the Yard) (Fairy Tale Knight)

Turquoise cute people ninja fabric Trans-Pacific Textiles (per 0.5 yard unit)

Dark grey cute panda colorful flower fabric Trans-Pacific Textiles USA (per 0.5 yard unit)

Dark blue cute colorful bunny rabbit flower gold metallic embellishment fabric (per 0.5 yard unit)

Black colorful animal ninja rectangle fabric (per 0.5 yard unit)

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Lots of white fabric here:

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